Expanding into Arizona has been a plan our leadership team has had for many years – but timing, opportunities and personnel never felt right. Until now. The market in Arizona, specifically in Maricopa County, is booming. Arizona’s business-friendly atmosphere and the multiple relationships we have with California customers that crossed over into Arizona, makes the expansion into Arizona all that more appealing.
The final piece of the puzzle was the people…the “who”. We needed to have boots on the ground that would represent the Champion way. And we got that when our very own Carlos Bencomo made the decision to move to Arizona with his family. As always, in business and in life, it revolves around relational connections and providing opportunities for both our customers and our team. The stars aligned and we attacked the opportunity presented with the vigor of a Champion.

Arizona Projects & Services
This venture allows Champion to provide the quality products and services we are known for in California across the Arizona border and into Maricopa County. We have built our base with the backing and support structure from our California Office and have a team of Journeymen electricians working with Carlos. Our customers can expect the same structure and procedures our Service Department currently provides on a daily basis.

Our Arizona projects consist mostly of Office Tenant Improvements (TI), Job Order Contracts (JOC) projects in the school market, standard services for residential, commercial and industrial, and ground-up/new construction projects. With our proven model, support from our home office in CA and the amazing relationships with our current and new customers; Champion Electric is operationally and structurally positioned to serve Arizona with versatile responsiveness to our customer’s needs.

Meet Our Arizona Leadman - Carlos Bencomo
Carlos Bencomo began his electrical career at Champion and quickly rose to the top in the ABC So-Cal Apprenticeship program, placing 1st in the Southern California Craft Championships, receiving perfect attendance, and graduating as a Journeyman electrician in 2019. Carlos is an excellent example of just what it means to be a Champion. His career as one of our valued employees continues to be a massive benefit to Champion and our customers.
“Working for Champion Electric in Arizona has been an awesome experience. It has allowed me to learn and grow as an electrician. I have taken on leadership roles where I am depended on to get the job done. The opportunity that Champion provides for me and others has been a blessing.”
– Carlos Bencomo
Having Carlos as our Leadman in this new area is the best way to bring our high quality products and services we are known and appreciated for in California to Arizona. He makes sure his work and communication are completed with a high level of integrity. As we build our staff and customer bases, he will continue to be a great example of our values and our brand.
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