We have partnered with, ChargePoint, the market leader in EV charging operating the largest and most open network in the world with best-in-class hardware and advanced cloud-based services. Together, we are focused on helping you improve your efficiency and profitability in addressing the rapidly growing demand for EV charging.

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+ Take control of EV charging using an intuitive,
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Champion Electric Inc. has experience with various makers and types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as well as several manufactures of cars and medium duty trucks. Our experienced electricians perform code and manufacturer compliant installations and upgrades of systems with respect to different utility billing methods. We have installed equipment for single Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and for small fleet users as well as vehicle manufactures.

Champion Electric Inc. takes pride in the details and workmanship of every job we complete. Your new car or truck Electric Vehicle Charging Station deserves nothing less. Let us install for you the best system available, matched to your vehicle in order to maximize your vehicle performance and battery life. Give us a call today for your Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation!
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