The extreme consequences of electrical system failure and the costs associated with repairing a failed system are too often overlooked until it is too late. Fire insurance providers are increasingly requesting evidence of a Thermographical Survey of your electrical equipment when renewing or commencing insurance coverage.  In some situations, an insurer will offer discounts when a Thermographical Survey is a regular part of a preventative maintenance program.
Introduction to Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging, better known as Thermographical Surveying, is ideal for carrying out electrical safety inspections. This can identify the exact location of a loose busbar, loose wire connection or an overloaded component in your main electrical panel.
At first appointment, photos are taken of electrical panels. Major hazards are immediately identified and addressed for possible corrections. Photos are taken back to the office, analyzed and a personalized report is created. A complete color report of each panel and component tested will be presented. This report will provide all required information needed for insurance submittal and any recommendations for needed repairs.

Our Service Department is here to assist you with your Thermal Imaging Survey and they are ready to make any needed corrections.

$200 minimum charge or $82 per hour + $10 per hour service truck charge for all non-quoted service.
Material charged separately.  Overtime and emergency rates available upon request.