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Service Manager
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Account Manager
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Champion Electric Inc.’s Service Department offers well-trained, licensed, and fully equipped technicians who are backed up by an operational structure geared to a quick turn around.  Our service team is experienced in delivering solutions that are responsive, cost-efficient, and dependable.

We stake our reputation on being there with the reliable service you need –When you need it! 
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Evan Banda
Service Manager

Evan Banda has been a part of the Champion Electric team since 2013 and joined the Executive Team in 2019.  He carries with him almost 20 years of electrical experience. As the Service Manager, he is devoted to continually improving Champion’s Service Department through education and training of the Service team, to cultivate the high-quality products and service our customers expect. From Account Manager, to Service Technician, he keeps the Service Department efficient and consistent with Champion’s high standards as well as ensures all service requests and repairs are made correctly, within budget and in timely manner.

Our loyal customers trust the Service Department’s expertise in recommending products and services. As the Service Manager, Evan is dedicated to understanding our customers not just for the current project but for a lifetime of services. His concentration in elevating the personal networking and creation of meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our customers pushes Champion Electric’s Service Department customer service to the next level.  

Meet Evan Banda

Johnathan Novoa - New Service Account Manager
We are excited to announce Johnathan Novoa's promotion to Service Account Manager.  He started with Champion in 2007 as a first year apprentice, gathered experience outside of Champion and returned in 2016 as a journeyman.  He graduated from ABC So-Cal and earned his journeyman license in 2013.
As a new Account Manager, he has enjoyed evaluating all of the work that goes on behind the scenes at our client's restaurants, parks, venues, etc. in order to help them function more efficiently through our electrical services.
He believes that communication with his technicians and his clients is key in this position.  He is committed to making every effort to provide a top level of communication along with treating everyone respectfully.  Contact him today to get your next project started!
Service Department Reaches 10,000th Work Order
Summer, 2021 - Our Service Department primarily began with the acquisition of Suburban Electric in 2006.  It wasn’t until 2011 that we purchased the work order portion of our accounting software and began the count.  Our first work order was a residential service to replace the 2P 50AMP breaker for air conditioning unit and now have now surpassed 10,000 work orders.  Here's what our Service Manager, Evan Banda, has to say about this milestone.
"The 10,000th work order was a milestone that represents so much more than just 10,000 work orders, to us. Represented in that number are thousands of new relationships with clients, formed by the quality-work we leave behind; not to mention the thousands of new light fixtures, thousands of repairs restoring power, hundreds of new structures powered-up and most of all, countless opportunities for our Champions to do what we were made to do – build good things. We are electricians, we do much more than connect wires and light up rooms, we also build our community through building relationships with clients, contractors, and each other while clinging to and sharing every good thing we can, from our offices and work sites.  Every work order was a test or a challenge for us to rise to – not because the work was difficult but rather because, in our work, we strive to provide high-quality products and service every time. Whether it’s repairing a single outlet in a living room or designing and building a new space for a factory, we are consistent in what we do.

Personally, I consider the work we do to simply be a great reason for us to show two things: 1. We like and we care about our customers, and 2. That in such uncertain world you can rely on us to be there for you. Here’s to the next 10,000!" - Evan Banda, Service Manager

Aaron Robert Promoted to
Service Superintendent
Aaron “Woody” Robert originally started with Champion in 1999 but it wasn't until 2011 that Aaron became a figurehead of the Champion attitude. Aaron is consistently challenging himself and growing in his career and his leadership. Aaron has earned the respect of the Champion family through his hard work, dedication to his craft, and commitment to furthering the Champion mission.
It is with great pleasure that I can announce Aaron Robert as the Service Superintendent.

In his new role, Aaron will be a fundamental piece in the growth of and development of Champion’s Service Department. With an intense focus on departmental, job site, and employee safety; Aaron will assist our Account Managers and Service Electricians to ensure all projects are performed safely, efficiently, and with quality and excellence that is the Champion brand. Another key aspect of Aaron's role will be the continued development of our current Service Electricians while identifying and developing new Service Electricians to support the sustainable growth of the department.
Aaron’s character, high standards, and commitment to excellence in himself and others makes him the perfect candidate to support the team. I am proud of who Aaron is as a person and I look forward to seeing how he uses his gifts and talents to serve our customers and the team."
- Tom Rowden