Our service department is made up of well trained, certified, and fully equipped technicians, backed up by an operational structure geared to quick turn around. Our service team is experienced in delivering quality solutions that are cost-efficient and dependable. At Champion Electric Inc., we stake our reputation on being there with the reliable service you need, when you need it.

Here are some of the services we provide...


Our Service Department is ready to help you with your every electrical need.  Contact our

Solar Power Installations
At Champion Electric Inc. we are dedicated to providing superior quality service throughout your Residential Solar installation experience. We know that the benefits of installing solar powered systems in your residence are reason enough to have them installed. But having them installed by our qualified and professional team will make the process an even better reason to have them installed TODAY!
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Our Director of Estimating, Pat Howard, is ready to put together a customized proposal just to meet your needs.  Contact him today:
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 123
(909) 208-3073 Cell

Whole House Fan

Champion Electric's Service Department installs the best choice of Whole House Fans for homeowners based on energy savings, high quality, value, ability to move large volumes of air (1500CFM each), ease of installation, aesthetic appearance, versatility, and, above all, quiet operation.

The Quiet Cool is the most versatile and innovative home cooling and ventilation system on the market today. Each fan in the system can be controlled individually so you have internal doors open or closed and the system will still be efficient. Individually controlled fans will also allow you to control how much airflow comes into the home, simply by turning each of the fans on or off.
  • Save up to 75% on your A/C Electric Bill
  • Cool your attic 30-50 degrees
  • Eligible for a utility rebate & 30% Federal Energy Tax credit
  • Removes odors, smoke, germs, and stuffy air within minutes
  • Cool your home with a breeze of fresh air

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Pool & Spa Electrical

At Champion Electric Inc. we have staff that specializes in the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial swimming pool electrical systems. These cutting edge systems, which feature automated controls manufactured by the Zodiak Pool Systems, the premium and professional grade pool equipment, enable the pool owner to remotely control lighting and pool equipment functions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Champion Electric Inc. has experience with various makers and types of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems as well as several manufactures of cars and medium duty trucks. Our experienced electricians perform code and manufacturer compliant installations and upgrades of systems with respect to different utility billing methods. We have installed equipment for single Electric Vehicle Charging Systems and for small fleet users as well as vehicle manufactures.
Champion Electric Inc. takes pride in the attention to the details and workmanship of every job we complete. Your new car or truck Electric Vehicle Charging System deserves nothing less. Let us install for you the best system available, matched to your vehicle in order to maximize your vehicle performance and battery life.
Just purchased your first Electric Vehicle? Let us install your Level I, 120 volt EV Home Charging Station or cut your charging time in HALF with a new Level 2, 240 volt EV Home Charging Station.

Emergency Generators

Power outages can be caused for many reasons, both natural and man-made. A fallen tree on a power line, an earthquake, a blackout, or even due to weather conditions. No matter the location, any home or business could feel the effects of power loss for multiple reasons. Investing in a Home Generator will keep the lights on for your home or business!
Champion Electric Inc.'s Service Department is highly experienced, with a combined experience of over 50 years with generator installations. We have installed numerous residential and commercial generators which run on propane, natural gas, or diesel. Generator installation sites have varied between small residences to schools and fire stations. We specialize in many residential brands of generators. From a few circuits to your complete house, depending on your individualized needs. After analyzing your individuals needs during our initial conversation a generator package will be put together for you to review. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best generator for your needs!

Electrical Panel/Circuit Breaker Upgrade

100 AMP Panel
 200 AMP Panel
Many older homes cannot support today's appliances and electrical devices and easily overload the electrical system.  Champion Electric Inc. upgrading the electrical panel can help support today's technological advances and keep your home safer.  If your home was built prior to the 1980s it may be time to upgrade your panel.  Consider these other signs that it is time to upgrade your panel:
  • Flickering Lights
  • Constant tripped breaker or blown fuse
  • Need to turn off one appliance to use another
  • Appliances not running at full power
  • 2-pronged outlets or no GFCIs
  • Home renovations or addition
Contact our Service Department to schedule your upgrade or Request a Quote

$100 minimum charge or $82 per hour + $10 per hour service truck charge for all non-quoted service.
Material charged separately.  Overtime and emergency rates available upon request.