With years of industrial electrical and automation experience, Champion Electric Inc. is your single source provider. We're ready to install, calibrate, maintain or relocate your systems. At Champion Electric Inc. we are your Riverside business that has been serving the Inland Empire for more than 20 years. We employ skilled local electricians that strive to get the job done right! Our quality workmanship and professionalism leads to continual referrals and keeps our customers coming back.
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Here are some of the services we provide...
Exterior Lighting
Lighting Repair, Maintenance & Retrofit
Service/Repair Motors, Pumps, Controls & Process Drives
Vandalism Repairs
Electrical Panel Conversions & Upgrades*
Customized Design & Build Electrical
Tenant Improvements
Electrical Installations/Hazardous Locations
• Energy Savings Consultations
 *1&3 Phase up to 600v

Walters Mercedes-Benz

Killarney's Irish Pub

Riverside Care Center


Commercial Solar Power Installations

At Champion Electric Inc. we are dedicated to providing superior quality service throughout your Commercial Solar installation experience. We know that the benefits of installing solar powered systems in your business are reason enough to have them installed. But having them installed by our qualified and professional team will make the process an even better reason to have them installed TODAY!
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Our Director of Estimating, Pat Howard, is ready to put together a customized proposal just to meet your needs.  Contact him today:
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 123
(909) 208-3073 Cell
Check out our Solar Powered System

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging, better known as Thermographical Surveying, is ideal for carrying out electrical safety inspections. This can identify the exact location of a loose busbar, loose wire connection or an overloaded component in your main electrical panel.
Our Service Department is here to assist you with your Thermal Imaging Survey and make any needed corrections.

Emergency Generators

Power outages can be caused for many reasons, both natural and manmade; a fallen tree on a power line, an earthquake, a blackout, or even due to weather conditions. No matter the location, any home or business could feel the effects of power loss for multiple reasons. Investing in an Emergency Generator will keep the lights on for your home or business!
Our Account Manager, Gene Barnhurst, is ready to help your business with the right generator.  Contact him today:
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 135
(909) 208-1192 Cell

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can significantly improve the look as well as the safety of your building. Champion Electric Inc. can assist your business with lighting for roadways, lighting for parking lots, area lighting, flood lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting and other commercial outdoor lighting.
Our Director of Estimating, Pat Howard, is ready to put together a customized proposal to meet your needs.  Contact him today:
(951) 276-9619 Ext. 123
(909) 208-3073 Cell

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Champion Electric Inc. has experience with various makers and types of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems as well as several manufactures of cars and medium duty trucks. Our experienced electricians perform code and manufacturer compliant installations and upgrades of systems with respect to different utility billing methods. We have installed equipment for single Electric Vehicle Charging Systems and for small fleet users as well as vehicle manufactures.
Champion Electric Inc. takes pride in the attention to the details and workmanship of every job we complete. Your new car or truck Electric Vehicle Charging System deserves nothing less. Let us install for you the best system available, matched to your vehicle in order to maximize your vehicle performance and battery life.

$200 minimum charge or $82 per hour + $10 per hour service truck charge for all non-quoted service.
Material charged separately.  Overtime and emergency rates available upon request.