UCR School of Medicine

This quarter's #FeaturedProject is local to Riverside and is our second project working with Kitchell.  We are completing the electrical, fire, data, and security of the entire first floor of the School of Medicine Research Building at University California, Riverside.  Mike McMullen Estimated the project and handed it over to our Project Manager, Troy Reeves.  Together with Foreman Rick Glancy and his 3 man crew, they are working hard to finish this project before Fall of this year.

One of the biggest challenges with this project is that this is an existing building, with existing utilities that has had to stay operational and in place throughout the construction process. This requires a lot of planning to route all of the new utilities around the existing.  BIM (Building Information Modeling) is being utilized for 100% of the conduit. With BIM, all aspects of the project are drawn on the computer from all trades. These are then combined into a 3D model to confirm there will be no issues when it comes time to install the components in the field.  Project Manager Troy, Foreman Rick along with his crew can't wait to share the results of this finished project.  Stay Tuned!

Our Accounting Staff was granted a tour of this project after our Accounting Manager, Leah Timme, attended the ABC National Craft Championships in Long Beach.  She felt it was important for her team to see everything that goes into a project in person.  This has given our Accounting Team a new perspective on the paperwork they process.