Project Legacy - Riverside

When our IT service provider asked us to team up with them on their low voltage project, we couldn’t say no.  SystemGo IT is the Low Voltage consultant for the Project Legacy project and they approached Champion knowing we are familiar and comply with the skilled and trained requirements set forth in the contract documents.  We were tasked with providing and installing data pathways and wires, a video surveillance system, access control pathways, and all supporting cabinets, UPS systems, cabling and terminations for this residential project.

The intermittent schedule made it tough to stay ahead of the other trades as we are only on-site a few days at a time with gaps of over a month in between mobilizations.  The scope of work is substantially different than what we are used to as it is Low Voltage work in a residential setting.  What is unique about this project is we are not the Electrical Contractor on this project, we are only responsible for the low voltage systems and we are self-performing the entire scope of work.  This means the project is completed in phases based on SystemGo IT’s consultations versus from start to finish with a contracted project.  The first phase of the project was completed by Troy Reeves, the second phase was completed by Mathew, and Vinny has since taken over the project.  Vinny has done trim and wire terminations for all previous phases of work and is currently working with Doug to complete the current phase.

Thank you, SystemGo IT, for your business!
Owner: Young Scholars for Academic Empowerment dba TruEvolution, Inc.
GC: G.B. Construction
Estimator: Patrick Howard
Foreman: Troy, Mathew, Vinny; Crew Size: 1-2
Featured in Spring 2023 Newsletter

John J. Benoit Detention Center - Indio

Did you know we work on high-security facilities? 

This quarter we introduce you to the John J. Benoit Detention Center project where we are contracted to provide power, lighting, and low voltage pathways to a new shade structure as well as relocate an existing transformer. 
The John J. Benoit Detention Center is located in Indio where summer temperatures can reach into the 120's, the courtyard, where the new shade structure is located, is used to load and unload inmates that are being transferred.  The shade structure will provide much needed protection to the deputies and detainees during the hot summer months and provide additional safety at night with new lighting.

One of the challenges we faced on this project was due to the duration of the project, multiple Forepersons were utilized to get the project completed. Garrett started the project, completing the underground conduit and interior rough.  Sean, Horacio, and Armando finished the project out by pulling wire and installing the light fixtures.
Another challenge we faced was the high security.  We are experienced in projects that require clearance for our employees but working at a detention facility took that to a whole new level.  Since this is an active detention center, thorough background checks and approvals were required for any employee working on this project.
Champion stepped up on this project and completed it with outstanding precision.  Thank you to our team that completed the work, TTS Engineering who provided civil coverage, and Vincor Construction for contracting Champion.  Job well done!

Owner: Riverside County Department of Facilities Management
Estimator: Patrick Howard
Foreman: Garrett, Erich, Sean; Crew Size: 2-3


Norco HS Baseball Field Lighting
Highlighting our customer's projects is one of our favorite things to do in our newsletter.  And this project is just too cool not to share.  At Norco High School in Norco, we provided a new sports lighting system for the varsity baseball field which included 8 new Musco poles, a new electrical backbone and a new control cabinet.

This project sounds simple enough but came with a few obstacles we needed to overcome.  First was getting the electrical conduits out to the new pole locations without damaging the field.  Directional boring ended up being the best way to get the conduit installed with limited disruption to the site.

Once we were able to get the conduit to the correct location, we were then challenged with obtaining the required new panelboard in time to meet the schedule.  Material shortages put the estimated ship date for the panelboard six months after the project was scheduled to be completed.

After an in-depth site evaluation, we came up with a plan to eliminate the need for the required panelboard by pulling new feeder wire and installing a new, larger main breaker in an existing panelboard.  Once the plan was approved by the engineer, we jumped into action and completed the project.

We would like to give a special thanks again to Alex with TTS Engineering Inc. for going above and beyond to help us out on this project, their additional support was integral to our success.

Owner: Corona-Norco Unified School District
Estimator: Patrick Howard
Foreman: Jason Vonmoos; Crew Size: 2-4

Employee Mentoring
This was our Foreman, Jason's, first project working with Musco lighting. We could have easily had a more experienced Foreman on this project, but instead we brought in our veteran Foreman, Wayne, for the day to provide guidance on the day the poles were received and assembly began.  Now Jason is experienced and can take on any future Musco lighting projects.

Foreman Jason and Electrician Warren did a great job keeping this project moving forward safely and with little impact to the site.

Little Lakes Elementary

Let us introduce you to our latest #FeaturedProject, Little Lakes includes the modernization of an existing elementary school campus in Hemet.  We will be adding 2 new buildings, relocating 12 existing portable classrooms, adding a portable restroom building, and upgrading the supporting electrical backbone for the entire campus.  The school is completely closed and the project is on a tight time line. We are working in 6 separate buildings plus doing site work at the same time.  Trade coordination and organization is key to stay on schedule in multiple areas at once and Construction Manager Erickson-Hall has done a exceptional job of bringing the trades together and keeping them on the same page.

Foreman Mike Glancy, Leadman Erich, and crew are doing an excellent job staying on top of the tasks being completed throughout the site.  The installation of our prefabricated assemblies are helping push the production averages and limit the time needed in each area. 

Alex with TTS Engineering Inc. always ensures they are onsite every time we need them for our underground needs, even if we are tying them up on other projects.

Taking Prefab to the Next Level

Little Lake has been the trial job for multiple new in-house prefab processes. Prefab Manager Troy and Foreman Mike have worked together to come up with some new, creative prefab opportunities.  Mike has been providing much needed feedback from the field allowing us to adjust the prefab assemblies before they get shipped out.  We are eager to see how the new prefab assemblies increase our productivity.

Owner: Hemet Unified School District
Estimator: Patrick Howard; Project Manager: Roger Hernandez;
Foreman: Mike Glancy; Crew Size: 4-10

Soboba Horseshoe Travel Center
We are finishing out the year with a different type of project than you are used to seeing for our #FeaturedProject.  Take a look at the brand new, built from the ground up convenience store and fueling station we are completing for Soboba Economic Development Corporation.  This is our second project with W.E. O'Neil.  We are not completing the electrical on the fueling system but we are including new utility connections.

This project had such an aggressive schedule that we had to begin underground work without having a completed design from the fueling contractor.  To add fuel to the fire, some additional last minute changes were made and the scope was adjusted yet our Champion team was still able to complete everything and kept the project moving within the schedule.
       The Soboba project has been Andrew Cruz's first deep underground project as a Foreman.  He has stepped up to the challenge, thanks to the support of Field Superintendent, Anthony, and got the electrical room knocked out, navigated So-Cal Edison's requirements for the new utility connections and all underground conduits ended up right where they needed to be.  Foreman Andrew Cruz and his crew's work has been super clean, and coordination with other trades and the fueling contractor has been going great.  Nice work team!

Owner: Soboba Economic Development Corporation
Estimator: Mike McMullen; Project Manager: Roger Hernandez;
Foreman: Andrew Cruz; Crew Size: 2-4

Featured in Fall 2021 Newsletter
Rough Stage Update
In our last newsletter, we introduced the Soboba Horseshoe Travel Center. A brand new, built from the ground-up convenience store and fueling station we are completing for Soboba Economic Development Corporation.  Progress is going well and we have just entered the "rough" stage of the project. We are starting to pull branch wire as well as preparing for fixtures and trim.  Foreman Andrew’s underground layout was spot-on which has made it easy to transition to the rough stage.  We are also starting to work on the site lighting with our underground subcontractor, TTS Engineering, while the other trades are catching up in the building.

The aggressive schedule continues to not be a problem for our team.  We even prefabricate some of the panel boards and gutters to cut install time down in the field.  See the middle photo.

It’s been a great experience teaming up with W.E. O’Neil on this project. Everyone is working extremely well with each other.  We can't wait to check back in on this project.
New Coding System
Soboba is the first project to implement Champion’s new Conduit Color Coding System which allows us to give better feedback to Estimating once the project is complete.  It also helps with future maintenance, making it easier to track circuits down and make changes.  See photo below.

Featured in 2021 Wrap-up Newsletter

Crafton Hills College Exterior Lighting
When we saw the opportunity from San Bernardino College District to make their Crafton Hills College Campus a brighter and safer campus, we jumped right on it.  For this project, we were tasked to retrofit approximately 271 non-LED fixtures and add new wireless controls, as well as retrofit another 189 fixtures with just new controls. Upgrading existing electrical to today's technological advancements can be difficult but we were up to the challenge.  And that is why we selected this project as this quarter's #FeaturedProject.
Installing that many fixtures and controls is no problem for us but changing that many different styles of fixtures to LEDs and adding wireless controls all while preserving the external look of the fixture took an incredible amount of effort.  We had the right man on the job.  Our Foreman, Jonathon Novoa, did an exceptionally thorough job of tracking each module, labeling, and grouping the controls in site specific boxes. His pre-planning of the controls made the install simpler and minimized errors.  It will also help troubleshooting fixtures in the future.

The biggest challenge we overcame was mounting the antenna and module to the Louis Poulsen fixture.  We worked hand-in-hand with the owner, manufacturer, and the design team to rectify the unforeseen fixture compatibility issues.  Our team was able to provide a solution by creating a “mockup model" fabricating a bracket to mount the module and drill the tenon to install the antenna.  We took our time to do the job right and find a lasting solution.
This project, while time consuming, is another successfully completed #FeaturedProject.  Job well done team!
Owner: San Bernardino Community College District
Estimator: Patrick Howard; Project Manager: Roger Hernandez;
Foreman: Johnathan Novoa; Crew Size: 2-4
Featured in Summer 2021 Newsletter
Light fixture photos above: left - before, middle, during retrofit, right - after; fixture #432

Olita Elementary School HVAC & Roof Replacement
Olita Elementary School in La Habra was built in 1959 so it was no surprise that it was time for some upgrades.  We jumped at the chance to get this school running more efficiently with providing electrical for new HVAC and work required to facilitate re-roofing. This required replacement of some existing electrical panels and feeders. We also installed seismic bracing for the existing light fixtures to increase safety.

This quarter’s #FeaturedProject had a HVAC system and roof that had served the school well but were in need of replacement.  When working on a building of that age, many unforeseen issues could come up.  However, there were no real challenges that weren't handled on site by our veteran Foreman that that can handle anything.

Why is this our #FeaturedProject?  Well, our General Contractor, Erickson Hall Construction, and Owner, Lowell Joint School District, were so impressed with our performance on this project that they put us to work on another school in the district, doing the same scope.  Great job to our Foreman, Wayne Ridder!

GC/CM: Erickson Hall Construction
Estimator: Randy Robison; Project Manager: Troy Reeves; Foreman: Wayne Ridder; Crew Size: 2
Featured in Spring 2021 Newsletter

Outlier Coffee - Phoenix, Arizona

The Outlier Coffee project entailed transforming a 4,482 square foot empty unit into a coffee shop. This tenant improvement required mechanical plumbing and electrical upgrades to support the needs of the new tenants. Champion had the opportunity to bid this project because of our existing relationship with Jokake Construction and our Las Encinas Psychiatric Hospital project we are currently working on in Pasadena. We have completed many tenant improvements throughout the years but this is our first of many in Arizona. We are grateful for the opportunity to show Arizona a sip of our work.

This project required new lighting, power and AC units that were tied into existing electrical panels. The existing panels we used to feed the new lighting and power were located on the other side of a finished stairwell and 2 finished restrooms. In order to eliminate the need to cut open the existing finished ceiling, Foreman Carlos Bencomo and Journeyman Ivan Valdez were able to investigating the existing electrical conduit system and find other pathway options. This saved time and saved the owner on repair costs.

Carlos and Ivan did a great job on this project. They were able to identify problems and get ahead of them to keep the project on track. A challenge they encountered halfway through the project was COVID-19 and the owner stopping the project for 2 months. Once it was safe and our team thoroughly increased their PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) they were back on site, completing the project.

Service Manager Evan Banda and President Tom Rowden provided additional support to and from our home office in California and kept the Project Manager well-informed of the project status through their numerous project visits.

We are proud of our team and the results of this project. Great job to everyone involved! Thank you to Will Larza with CED Phoenix who provided the lighting for the project.

GC/CM: Jokake Construction
Estimator: Tom Rowden; Project Manager: Kevin Shearer; Foreman: Carlos Bencomo; Crew Size: 2
3rd Quarter 2020 #FeaturedProject Article

Phoenix Services

Phoenix Services is a commercial metals company that runs an Electric Arc Furnace steel mill in Rancho Cucamonga. Champion Electric's Account Manager, Gene Barnhurst, design/built their entire electrical system over the course of many years. Tony from Phoenix Services was kind enough to take us on a tour of the work we have completed. Take a look!
2nd Quarter 2020 #FeaturedProject Article

Bixby Elementary School

Bixby Elementary is an existing and active school requiring a complete modernization including all new electrical service and distribution as well as new lighting, HVAC, fire alarm, security, clock and PA.

This is our second school with the same Balfour Beatty team as our Lowell Elementary School project we finished in 2019. The project is being completed in phases and students are occupying the campus as work is being completed. We have kept the school operational by installing temporary power and lighting.

The biggest challenge we face on this project is installing new electrical equipment and wiring alongside existing and fully functioning electrical components that need to stay in place and remain operational throughout the project. The blending of old and new work can be challenging but our Foreman, Rick Glancy, and his crew have been doing a great job.

The job is in its third phase and is progressing nicely. We have completed the more challenging aspects of the project already. Rick and his crew have been meeting all deadlines and continue to meet or exceed all expectations we have for them.

Underground/Boring provided by Cal Empire Engineering, Digital Networks Group, and JAM Corporation
Owner: Long Beach Unified School District
GC/CM: Balfour Beatty
Estimator: Mike McMullen; Project Manager: Troy Reeves; Foreman: Rick Glancy; Crew Size: 4

 4th Quarter 2019 #FeaturedProject Article

The Grove Hub Cafe Remodel

The Grove Community Church, Hub Cafe remodel is located in Riverside, CA.  This project includes the demo and expansion of the existing barista bar by enclosing an outdoor patio.  New additional HVAC units, a branch panel board and new lighting and controls will be installed.  This project is on the same grounds as a previous #FeaturedProject, The Grove Village.

On the first day of this project, 7 conduit banks were found in a wall that was scheduled to be removed.  The conduits came from underground and fed the existing HVAC equipment on the roof.  In order to reroute the conduits, the slab needed to be cut and power needed to be shut down.  This process took 2 days to complete.

Keeping the roof intact and avoiding a roof penetration is always a better option for the owner.  Our Foreman, Sean Ederer, spent extra time on this project investigating pathways to make that happen.  He was able to rough the feeders for the new HVAC equipment through an existing exterior soffit, saving the owners from additional roof repairs.  Nice work Sean!

Ensuring we meet our client's budget and timeline is very important to us.  A 10-week schedule presents a unique challenge.  Our light fixtures have a 6-8 week lead time so it is crucial that we hit our timelines perfectly to meet the owner's schedule.  Another unique feature on this project is that the church campus is remaining active throughout the duration of the project.  We have to ensure all electrical passing through the construction area remains intact to keep the other parts of the campus up and running.
2nd Quarter 2019 #FeaturedProject Article

Remodel Completion

We featured The Grove Community Church, Hub Cafe remodel, located in Riverside, CA in our last newsletter and we are pleased to announce this project is now complete.  The Hub Cafe now has an expanded barista and eating area with some very creative lighting features.

One challenge we overcame with the completion of this project was some recessed lighting was shown to be replaced in a stucco ceiling.  In order to save the General Contractor from having to patch around new fixtures and push the schedule, we were able to assess the situation and get a different fixture ordered and delivered within a few days to stay on schedule.

Another challenge came with a new flat grill that was not originally in the design.  We assisted the owner with sourcing power for the new flat grill.  After our Field Superintendent, Anthony Pagdilao met with the General Contractor, Tilden-Coil and The Grove, we came up with a plan, had the conduit ran and wire pulled within 2 days.  Once the equipment was delivered, we made the final connection.

With all our projects, the budget and schedule are our top priorities.  This project was no different and it came with a tight schedule. When the owner requested special light bulbs at the last minute, we sourced and had them onsite within 5 days.  Finishes were installed a little later than originally scheduled by other subcontractors, and our crew stepped up and worked some late nights and Saturdays to assure we met the deadline.

Great job to all who were involved in the successful completion of this project!  Job well done!

3rd Quarter 2019 #FeaturedProject Article - Lighting and gear is provided by CED.

Owner: The Grove Community Church; GC/CM: Tilden-Coil Constructors
Estimator: Patrick Howard; Project Manager: Kevin Shearer; Foreman: Sean Ederer; Crew Size: 2-6

UCR School of Medicine - Final Stage

Thank you for following our #FeaturedProject, UCR School of Medicine - 1st Floor Remodel.  We are finishing up this project, with just a few punchlist items left.  For the conclusion of this #FeaturedProject, we've created this tour of the finished product and results of the challenges we overcame by the project Foreman, Rick Glancy.

Additional credit to the crew, management team, and office staff that made this project successful!

Mid Project Update

We are checking in on last quarter's #FeaturedProject, electrical, fire, data, and security of the entire first floor of the School of Medicine Research Building at University California, Riverside.  Foreman Rick Glancy and his crew, continue to work hard to finish this project by Fall of this year.

Working on the first floor of a building that has stayed operational continues to challenge our team.  We have had to pause concrete drilling after 9am due to classes being held on the second floor.  Accessing any existing panels or equipment has required 48 hour notice to UCR Facilities to keep the building operational.  If that wasn't enough, our heavy summer workload and manpower shortages forced Foreman Rick to utilize a smaller crew, more efficiently in order to keep up with the schedule.

One of the biggest challenges was installing our conduit in layers during the "rough" phase of the project.  In some circumstances, our conduit was buried by 4 layers of ducting and mechanical piping.  Once the other trades were complete, we had to go back in the same area and rough in our lighting under all of the other systems.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

The BIM aspect of the project has brought on some new challenges as we have moved further along in the construction process.  Some of the existing equipment was not in the BIM model which required Rick and his crew to make immediate field adjustments to keep the project moving forward.  In some instances, new equipment being installed in the field was not shown on the BIM model.  This required some re-work to ensure the proper access was given to the equipment.  However, for the most part, BIM allowed us to install conduit and cable trays quicker and more efficiently than a standard project.

Project Manager Troy Reeves, Foreman Rick Glancy and crew have overcome every challenge they have faced on this unique project.  Even with so many challenges, we have still been able to stay on schedule and push for a successful completion.  Keep up the excellent work!

Project Start

This quarter's #FeaturedProject is local to Riverside and is our second project working with Kitchell.  We are completing the electrical, fire, data, and security of the entire first floor of the School of Medicine Research Building at University California, Riverside.  Mike McMullen Estimated the project and handed it over to our Project Manager, Troy Reeves.  Together with Foreman Rick Glancy and his 3 man crew, they are working hard to finish this project before Fall of this year.

One of the biggest challenges with this project is that this is an existing building, with existing utilities that has had to stay operational and in place throughout the construction process. This requires a lot of planning to route all of the new utilities around the existing.  BIM (Building Information Modeling) is being utilized for 100% of the conduit. With BIM, all aspects of the project are drawn on the computer from all trades. These are then combined into a 3D model to confirm there will be no issues when it comes time to install the components in the field.  Project Manager Troy, Foreman Rick along with his crew can't wait to share the results of this finished project. 

Our Accounting Staff was granted a tour of this project after our Accounting Manager attended the ABC National Craft Championships in Long Beach.  She felt it was important for her team to see everything that goes into a project in person.  This has given our Accounting Team a new perspective on the paperwork they process.