Safety, Security & Peace of Mind
The loss of long-term power to any home or business can cause significant damage to productivity. Investing in a generator will provide backup power and help keep you up and running. The damage of a natural disaster cannot be predicted but having a backup plan to keep your home or business running is the only reliable way!
Power outages can be caused for many reasons, both natural and manmade; a fallen tree on a power line, an earthquake, a blackout, or even due to weather conditions. No matter the location, any home or business could feel the effects of power loss for multiple reasons. Investing in a generator will keep the lights on for your home or business!
Introduction to Generators
Champion Electric Inc.'s Service Department is highly experienced, with a combined experience of over 50 years with generator installations. We have installed numerous residential and commercial generators which run on propane, natural gas, or diesel. Generator installation sites have varied between small residences to schools and fire stations. We specialize in many residential brands of generators and can equip you with a generator for just a few circuits or your entire home, depending on your needs. After analyzing your individual needs during our initial conversation, a generator package will be put together for you to review. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best generator for your needs!

We want to prepare you, your family, and
your business for any emergency
with the installation of a generator.

$100 minimum charge (residential)/$200 minimum charge (commercial) or $82 per hour + $10 per hour service truck charge for all non-quoted service.
Material charged separately.  Overtime and emergency rates available upon request.