The Executive Team is responsible for the overall performance of the company, the structure, and the carrying out of the vision and the mission of Champion. Each member of the Executive plays an intricate roll in the development of Champion.

Tom Rowden, President, is the creator and leader of the Executive Team. He is responsible for the financial strength of the company, structure, purpose and development of Champion and our employees.


“This company is more than a business to me, it is a legacy; a legacy which has been passed down through generations. The Champion way is a part of my being; I bleed our colors of burgundy and gold. I am passionate about our employees, our customers and our projects, and I am proud to carry on my family’s legacy. I am a believer in excellence!”

– Tom Rowden

Members of the Executive Team

Tim Shafer, Director of Field Operations, offers a stoic approach and accountability for the overall performance of his department and the company. Tim is blue collar, hard working, loyal and dependable. Tim manages and has grown our service department to triple the revenue since he came into his position. As an Executive, Tim’s calm and collected demeanor allows him to process all the information and provide valuable input and opinions that perpetuate the future of Champion. 

  Patrick Howard, Director of Estimating, is very knowledgeable and is always looking for the next technological advancement to implement into our operations. Pat is our Solar and Energy Management expert who is passionate about satisfying the needs of his customers. On the Executive level, Pat offers a unique perspective and frequently will have an idea or thought that no one else has thought of.

Kevin Shearer, Director of Project Management, brings an innovative thought process to any issues and will find solutions to any problem. Kevin manages his department and projects from a place of experience, expertise, and a deep desire to complete projects the right way. When serving in his Executive role, Kevin is responsible for the overall performance of all the large projects and keeps the Executive Team aware of any project issues and manpower needs.

Our Mission

 Champion Electric Inc. provides the highest quality products and service in a way that honors the Lord and provides for the mental, physical, and spiritual welfare of our employees and their families while advancing the company in a way that is fun and profitable.