At Champion Electric Inc., we are dedicated to providing superior quality service throughout your solar installation experience. We know that the benefits of installing solar powered systems in your residence are reason enough to have them installed. But having them installed by our qualified and professional team will make the process an even better reason to have them installed TODAY!

Our solar installation package includes these benefits:

  1. A project manager dedicated to your satisfaction - from the initial consultation to                   the 6-month check up
  2. A solar panel and inverter package especially selected to meet your specific needs              and budget
  3. Roofing reconfiguration required for panel installation
  4. A warranty program

Benefits of Solar Power

Eligible for 30% Tax Credit - Earn up to 30% credit on the total improvement cost with the purchase of a qualifying residential solar electrical system

Eligible to receive a Utility Rebate - Reduces the total cost

Help the Environment - Eliminate 6601 lbs. of carbon dioxide in the first year. This equals reducing your driving by 7922 miles

Reduce your Utility Bill - The solar system will pay for itself in 5-10 years

Residential Solar Financing Available through:


Our Director of Estimating, Pat Howard, is ready to put together a customized proposal just to meet your needs and assist you with financing.  Contact him today:
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