We’re excited about 2022 and as a “Thank You!
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Save 22% on Annual Electrical Maintenance and System Check for 2022

Annual Electrical Maintenance &
System Check

$195 (Regularly $250)
City of Riverside Single-Family Residential Homes (up to 2800sqft)

It is so easy to forget about our home’s electrical system until it stops working.  Did you know electrical systems require testing/inspection and maintenance, regularly, for safety?

When there is an electrical failure in your home, the “breaker box” or panelboard on the side of your house, along with the GFCIs (the plugs with reset buttons in bathrooms and kitchens), are designed to turn off the power immediately. This prevents fires, electric shock, and large system failures that would mean being without power until repairs are made.

These failures are often from defective appliances or light fixtures and occasionally a failure of the system itself like plugs, switches and breakers.

Failures will happen, so it’s imperative that the system “fails properly”.

An “Annual Electrical Maintenance and System Check” is the best way to assure your system will protect you.



Promotional Special Price: $195*


*Not included: repairs, written report, crawl in attic, or sub floor. For homes up to 2800 sqft.  City of Riverside residences only.  Offer good until 12/31/2022.

This Service Includes:

  • Main PanelboardInspect, torque, and clean.
  • GFCI Plugs - Inspect and test
  • GFCI Breakers - Test at outlets
  • AFCI Breakers - Test at outlets
  • Switches - Inspect wear and damage
  • Plugs - Inspect wear and damage
  • General inspection of electrical system for code compliance
  • Provide free estimate of any repairs identified during service

Ask about purchasing a yearly service for a 40% discount!

Electrical Safety Tip: It’s okay to reset a breaker or a GFCI when something fails, if your system is maintained properly. If it trips a second time, call a licensed contractor with certified electricians, to prevent further damage or something worse.
Brig Willis
Service Account Manager

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