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 Tom Rowden 

Thomas Rowden

President Tom Rowden provides the leadership necessary for the sustained growth of Champion Electric Inc. Through Tom’s experience within the company and the leadership he has established within his Executive team, Tom powerfully leads and directs all aspects of the company: planning and reviewing, resolving problems, streamlining processes, and exploring new business opportunities – all of which contributes to the company's development and growth. Through investing in people and the community, Tom maintains an environment conducive to growth, creativity, and innovation.

Tom’s expertise in interpreting financial data, developing financial plans and managing resources has given Champion Electric Inc. the foundational structure to adapt to the ever-changing construction industry. His experience in strategic planning, his vast knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management, and his strong skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures ensure that Champion will maintain the Founder’s vision and mission for Champion Electric Inc.

Through community involvement, employee development and other business relationships, Tom's emphasis on partnerships and teamwork is the driving force behind Champion Electric's mission.

"My passion is for the development and growth of people, as both, individuals and as a team, by providing opportunity and a future. Each project at Champion Electric is more than just labor and materials. The people that perform the labor are brothers, fathers, sons, and friends. The work supports families and the lives of our employees. The finished projects become schools for children to learn and grow. They become hospitals that nurse patients back to health. I want customers to know that it is personal when they do business with us and we are vested in the final product and what that product produces."

- Tom Rowden, President